Whos advice should you follow?

Most of us listen to and believe the advice of well known people we see on TV, GURUS etc…

Hey, why not, right? If everyone else is doing it then it must work right?


See I have personal worked along side some of the most successful people and GURUS in multiple industries and often times I find they teach what makes people feel good, positive etc…

What’s wrong with that you say?


You should never follow someone’s advice that isn’t living the life you want and telling you the truth of what it really takes to live that same quality of life.

Now, I’m not saying all GURUS do this (But most do)…

What I’m saying is instead of blindly following someone’s advice…put their advice into action…Even if it’s your own advice…

Ray Higdon always tells me, look at your results as apposed to what I think I know.

Now, that’s advice. In this short video I show you how to determine who’s advice to follow and finally achieve that life you want.

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