What makes or breaks you as a Network Marketer or Salesperson

Ever wonder what the number one major trait that makes or breaks you as a Network marketer or salesperson is?
It’s posture. Posture is what makes or breaks you as a Network marketer or sales professional.
Posture is the belief and what you have regardless of others opinions or external influence.
The one thing you must understand is that somewhere and some won’t what your part of the service so so what.
See your product or service isn’t for everyone. Network marketing isn’t for everyone. Sales is not for everyone. This is because not everyone is goal oriented. Not everyone wants success or to change their life or current circumstances. This is because there is comfort for them where they are right now. Stop trying to make everyone around you and entrepreneurial shark or like your product or service. Most top earners simply got more rejection than you have.
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Coach Curtis
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