The most powerful lead-generation idea I have learned.

The purpose of generating a lead is to generate a lead. You should develop multiple streams of leads coming to business every day.
Ultimately you want to have 10 lead generation systems running simultaneously. Also do you have a method of maximizing your ability to benefit from these leads?
In order to do that you’re going to need a database. A database can be something like Infusionsoft MailChimp aweber etc…
The most powerfully generation idea I have learned is the POA strategy or person of influence strategy.
Everyone has a network but not everyone is a person of influence.
Your target market, and who has my customer.
Starbucks is a perfect example. Starbucks went to companies that have their ideal customer they don’t already provide coffee like Barnes & Nobles, airports, Target. And influence them to promote them to their Network.
We call this climb the ladder of selling.
A powerful part of this concept is what we call the 3 R’s approach.
The 3 R’s approach is reciprocal, referral, relationship.
Your database is an asset so you want to promote offers to your database, find a person of influence and you could also be a person of influence for them.
In today’s video I go a little more into debt to help you benefit from the most powerful Lead generation idea I have learned.

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