My #1 idea to generate more leads

Would you like me to share with you my best ideas on how to generate more leads?
Today we’re talking about my #1 lead generation idea.
The purpose of generating a lead is to generate a lead. Now, sometimes when I share that with my Coaching clients they laugh at that but what we’re doing here is a very powerful idea called stage selling. And what that means is wherever you’re at in the sales process you sell the prospect to the next step.
So in lead generation, the next step is getting their contact information. And once you’ve got their contact information you want to then put that contact information into your database so that you can market to that lead for life.
Your database is the hub of your business. It is very, very important.
Now when it comes to generating leads I want you to think of lead inventory. In other words the leads you have access to.
Set a lead inventory goal.
Goals act like magnets and they attract to you what those goals are. Have you ever set a lead inventory goal before? That’s a great tip for you to take immediate action on.
Your next tip. Not all leads are created equal. You want to identify where is your target market and fish where the fish are.
Now, I want to share with you my #1 lead generation idea. I call it the POI strategy. POI stands for person of influence. Everyone in the world has a network. Not everyone is a POI. What makes somebody a POI for you or for me is they have your target market inside of their network.
Simply ask yourself the question, who has my customer? Identify people who already have your customer and then you want to influence the person of influence to promote you or give you access to their network.
Now that’s a mouthful so let me tell you what I mean by that.
Starbucks used the POI strategy to become a global dominate brand. They looked for other companies that already had their customer. Like Barnes & Noble, Hotels, Target, Grocery stores. They built relationships with those companies to have a starbucks put inside of those stores. They leveraged the relationships that Barnes &Nobles had for example with their customers. Well you can do the same thing.
Let’s say that you’re a Real Estate agent. You can approach somebody that sells insurance and you can say to them, listen could you promote me to all your insurance clients as your recommended Real Estate agent? ANd then you could do a concept called a reciprocal referral relationship and say in return I”ll promote your insurance business to all my Real Estate clients. And if you’re a Real Estate Agent, you could set up that kind of relationship with 10 different people in 10 different industries. Very powerful concept. I have many reciprocal referral relationships built in my sales training company.
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