How to Turn Your Ordinary Life in to an Extraordinary Life

Would you like to transform your ordinary life in to an extraordinary life?

The only thing that will improve your life, business, relationships is you must raise your standards.

Sound simple? It’s simple but not easy to do by yourself.
What does this mean?
We all have things in our life that we say we want.

We all have things we accept from ourselves & others but when we reach a point when we will no longer accept these things, that’s when our life changes.

The difference in people is there standards. Everyone reading this has a list of should. I should make more phone calls, I should book more appointments, I should go to the gym/loose weight, I should spend more time with my kids, I should stop (whatever it is you no longer want to be doing)…I should, I should, I should, right? And when we don’t do what we we should do then we should all over ourselves, right?

The only way to change this is to make our should’s, our musts….When you reach a pain threshold to where you will no longer tolerate the behavior, then that’s where change happens.
You need to burn the boats and create an environment where you have no other choice then to do the thing you say you should be doing.
This is when your ordinary life will turn into an extraordinary life.
Todays video goes deep into this topic

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