How to Speed Up The Process of Attracting Wealth

Would You like to speed up the process of attracting wealth?

I’ve been really focused lately on the fastest ways to generate wealth and it all starts with your mindset.

One of the best courses I have found on mindset is The Power Mind by my friend Ray Higdon.

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Ray says while we focus on what we want, we can speed this up by determining WHY we should be compensated.

It is not out of luck but out of worth and value, how would You impact the world if you had more money?

Money Mind Tricks

If You see money being exchanged I want you to think of a few things…

“I am a Money Magnet”…”I Accept Money”…I Am Valuable”…

How do You react when You see people who have money?

Do You react negatively or positively?

Here is one belief You can adapt next time You see something You would like to have or maybe if You start to feel like You could not afford it…

“I Can Afford That”! Say this over and over and know that You have value and others in the world need You to share Your worth with them.

In today’s video I explain a little deeper..

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