How to set more appointments

Would you like to learn how to set more appointments to sell your product or service?
When setting appointments, use an appointment setting script
Now, I’m gonna share with you a golden nugget. This idea could create a breakthrough for you. It could completely change the way you look at appointments.
Most people think of an appointment as I meet with a prospect one to one, over the phone or face to face. I have a much broader view on appointment setting.
An appointment to me is getting in front of your prospect where they can make a buying decision about your product or service
This broadens what your possibilities are
If I do a webinar to 50 people and at the end of the webinar I give people an opportunity to Coach with me, I now delivered 50 appointments by doing 1 webinar. How powerful is that?
What if I send out an Email to my email list explaining my 90 Day Life Change Challenge with a buy button to join the challenge? I just ran 1,500 appointments when I send out that email.
So you’re setting appointments when you meet people face to face, over the phone, on a webinar, when you send an email offer. Same thing when you have a sales team and any one of them do the same.
Have an appointment setting goal every month, week and day for how many appointments your gonna set and run. Believe it or not, most people don’t…
Watch today’s video to learn how to set more appointments.

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