How to reproach people that said No to your business

Ever wonder how to re-approach everyone that said “NO” to your business?

In today’s video I will share exactly what to say so you can re-approach them for the business or even the product in a way that they will be glad you did.

Here is what to say to those You approached the wrong way about your business…
” Hey (Name), I know this business isn’t a fit for you, I know you have no interest but I do think you would really benefit from the product because my friend Mary started using it last week and has already (share a testimonial) ex: lost 5lbs of fat/has tons of energy/Took her kids to Disney for free etc…are you at least open to taking a look at how it could benefit you?

Here’s how to re-approach people about the business side…
“Hey (Name), I’m so sorry, I just wanted to apologize…(Pause) (They will ask, “What for?” Man, I screwed up, remember I approached you about the business i’m doing? I so sorry, i was new, didn’t know what I was doing and now that ive been trained in the right way to build the business and I’m doing really well with it I realize I probably offended You and your friendship means the world to me. Can You forgive me?”
Now, I know your dying to pitch them again, “DON’T”!!!
Leave on a good note and re-approach them in a couple weeks with an update or give them a courtesy call when You have an application in hand and about to but someone in by saying something like this…”Hey (Name), just curious, remember I told You im doing really well in my business, well do you happen to know anyone that’s really cool that would like to (Benefit of your product) or (Make some extra money) because I’m really running with this thing/ or people are getting awesome results with this product?”
More in today’s video…

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