How to persuade prospects to set an appointment with you

Would you like to know how to get prospects to set more appointments with you?
When setting an appointment with a prospect they have a teeter totter in their mind where on one side of the Teeter Totter is there time and on the other side of the Teeter Totter is value for the benefits that they see and giving you their time.
So what you want to do is stack the benefits on one side of the Teeter Totter so that your prospect will give your time.
One of the highest things that people put the most valuable is possibility.
So you want to create a possibility in the mind of your prospect so that they are willing to give you their time.
For example: do you have a health and wellness product where if the prospect meets with you they might learn something that will help them improve their health or their energy?
Do you have a financial services product we’re meeting with you has the possibility of them retiring early or living a better lifestyle?
Do you have a business opportunity where there’s a possibility that they may get out of the job that they hate or stop working for their horrible boss?

Here’s another example when I’m doing a conference call for webinar where I am doing a sales training there is a possibility that if someone comes to that training They will receive a golden nugget that will help them have a breakthrough in their sales allowing them to make more money for the rest of their life.
Write down right now what are the possibilities that your prospects will receive by agreeing to meet with you.
Watch the video for more details.
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