Get Unstuck And Perform at Your Best With The 7th Power.

This video will teach you a little known secret that helps all top performers and leaders get unstuck and perform at their best.

If you’re feeling unstuck, unmotivated or start to produce at a high level and sabotage your efforts using the 7th power will help.

What is the 7th power?

The seventh power is a supportive environment. This includes the people places and things in your life.

  • People – Are the people you surround yourself with daily holding you to your highest standards. Often we rely on friends and family for advice and motivation. What’s wrong with this approach is that friends and family have a different listening for us which filters their interaction with us. Often times they will do and say things to not ruin the relationship which isn’t the best thing when you’re wanting more in life.

Instead seek out people that inspire you that you can communicate with regularly and share your deepest thoughts with that will really help you overcome challenges, stretch you and remind you of what you’re capable of.

  • Places – Where do you frequent? Is it Bars, Clubs, your job or other places that aren’t designed to get you to perform at your best? Fill those voids with Seminars, Webinars, Book stores, trainings etc…
  • Environment – What is your home and job like. DO you have things around you that inspire and motivate you. Create a space at home and work (If possible) where you put up things like vision boards, pictures, music and other things that inspire you to greatness.

This video goes into a little more detail on the 7th power.

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