4 Step formula to achieve anything you want in life.

Would you like to learn a simple 4 step formula for achieving and result you want in your life or business? Who wouldn’t, right?


Their are 4 simple steps to achieving anything you want in life and here they are.

Step 1: Know what you want (Clarity is power, you need to ask yourself what do you want and why do you want it. Many times we tell ourselves we want something only to find out what we really wanted was something completely different. So make sure to ask yourself why you want this. Knowing why you want something will also help you take step 2 consistently).

Step 2: Take massive action. (You need to be able to get yourself to take massive “consistent” action to achieve big goals in life. My friend Ray Higdon always says “The ability to say woe is me shows the abundance of inactivity”.)

Step 3: Recognize whether you’re getting closer to or further from your goal. (You need a method of checking in daily, weekly, Monthly etc…on whether the actions you’re taking are getting you closer to or further from your goal.)

Step 4: Adjust your approach (You need to be coachable and willing to adjust your approach “until” you hit your target.)

In this video I go into more detail…

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Kurt Phelan


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